KMG Systems design and build seasoning systems

KMG Systems Liquid Spray Unit

The KMG Liquid Spray Unit can either spray oil, vitamins, sugar syrup, starch onto the product and then if required evenly coat with dry seasoning using our vibratory scarfed edge feeder and/or we can blend a secondary liquid into the main flow.

The LSU works without compressed air which provides several advantages:

  • it saves energy;
  • there is no need for an expensive clean and hygienic compressed air supply;
  • our system is inherently clean, safe and quiet.

We believe effective control is essential to optimise the use of expensive ingredients and increase efficiency. Our system is very reliable with extremely tight control of seasoning. Customers are seeing savings in excess of 20% on seasoning losses when using KMG seasoning systems.

High Performance

KMG LSU has been developed by our team of expert engineers as a spray system capable of meeting the most demanding levels of performance that our customers expect. Ideal for popcorn, bakes, cereal, crackers, crisps, chips and snacks.

Impressive Accuracy

Repeatability and accuracy of seasoning systems are essential to good product seasoning and KMG has for many years been at the forefront of developments.