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Vibratory Conveying Systems

Rotary Packing Tables

To optimise productivity and provide packing operatives with additional time to pack or inspect, rotary pack-off tables are a valuable addition to any process or packing line. Designed to offer variable speed control and adjustable height, these tables provide professionals in the industry with the flexibility they need to streamline their packaging processes and ensure high-quality output.


  • Variable speed control
  • Complete with control panel
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Adjustable Height
  • Various sizes to suit application

Rotary packing tables are typically supplied with a 1400mm diameter and are constructed from stainless steel for hygiene and durability. Equipped with variable speed control and an emergency stop button, these tables offer a safe and efficient packaging solution. The adjustable height feature further enhances the ergonomic aspect of these tables, ensuring the comfort of packing operatives during their tasks. The complete control panel allows for easy adjustments, putting the power of customisation in the hands of packaging professionals. By providing additional time for packing or inspection, rotary packing tables optimise the efficiency of packaging operations, leading to higher productivity and improved output quality. Rotary packing tables offered by KMG provide professionals in the industry the tools they need to enhance efficiency and streamline their processes. With features such as variable speed control, stainless steel construction, adjustable height, and various sizes to suit different applications, these tables provide a reliable and versatile solution for packaging professionals. By investing in rotary packing tables, packaging operations can optimise productivity, ensure high-quality output, and create a comfortable working environment for their operatives. Whether used near the outfeed of a process line or packing line, these tables offer valuable time for packing or inspection, contributing to the success and competitiveness of packaging operations in the industry.

  • Variable Speed Control: One of the key features of rotary packing tables is their ability to offer variable speed control. This allows packing operatives to adjust the table’s rotational speed according to their specific needs. By having control over the rotational speed, operatives can ensure an optimal pace for packing or inspecting products, thereby maximising efficiency and reducing the risk of errors or accidents.
  • Complete with Control Panel: To provide ease of use and efficient operation, rotary packing tables are equipped with a control panel. This control panel allows operatives to conveniently adjust the speed and other settings of the table, ensuring a seamless workflow. The intuitive interface of the control panel enhances user experience and allows for quick and effortless adjustments during the packaging process.
  • Stainless Steel Construction: To meet the high standards of hygiene and durability required in the packaging industry, rotary packing tables are constructed from stainless steel. This material is resistant to corrosion and is easy to clean, ensuring a sanitary working environment. The stainless steel construction also adds to the table’s longevity, making it a reliable investment for packaging operations.
  • Adjustable Height: To accommodate different packaging requirements and the ergonomic needs of operatives, rotary packing tables offer adjustable height settings. This feature allows operatives to position the table at a comfortable height, reducing strain and fatigue during prolonged packing sessions. By providing a customisable working environment, these tables contribute to the overall well-being of packaging professionals.
  • Various Sizes to Suit Application: Rotary packing tables are available in various sizes to suit different application needs. Whether you are working with small or large products, there is a table size that can accommodate your specific requirements. This versatility ensures that packaging operations of all scales can benefit from the efficiency and convenience provided by rotary packing tables.

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