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Seasoning Systems

Repeatability and accuracy are essential to good product seasoning and KMG has for many years been at the forefront of developments. Whether you wish to season in the kitchen at ground level or directly above the packing system, KMG has a system to suit your requirements.


On-machine seasoning (OMS) was pioneered by KMG and we have designed and built many flavouring systems to feed one or more seasoning drums directly above the packaging system. Most snack food industry leaders have benefited from KMG kitchen seasoning systems to drive production and profits.

Our stainless-steel seasoning coating drums are uniquely designed to ensure even and consistent coating. They feature multiple lift flights, fully welded hygienic construction, with speed and angle adjustment as required.

In addition, using proprietary software, KMG has developed a unique Loss in Weight system giving unparalleled performance and unsurpassed user-friendly features.


  • Industry leading process capability
  • Accurate, repeatable, stable process control
  • Recipe based
  • Compatible with KMG Liquid Spray Unit, Vacuum Lift System
  • Proportional gravimetric measurement of product and seasoning flow

Kitchen Dry Seasoning

KMG Kitchen seasoning systems are designed to surpass process throughput and seasoning application requirements and tailored to your factory layout. Typically one to three drums are fed by proportioning systems from the main process.

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On Machine Seasoning

KMG OMS seasoning systems offer producers flexibility where multiple outlets are fed with product and seasoned directly above the packaging machine. Each seasoning system is fully gravimetric and can be cleaned in less than 20minutes whilst production is unaffected to other stations.

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Base Water

Oil & Dry Seasoning

Using the features of KMG Liquid spray units and dry seasoning systems KMG has perfected the oil and dry seasoning of Tortilla Chips, Popcorn, Nuts and Extruded products for the worlds leading snack manufacturers.

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Slurry Coating

Extruded snacks may need to be heavily seasoned for deep flavour absorption into the product. Where separate oil and dry application systems can’t be used, a slurry system may be the alternative.

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