Vibratory Conveyor Design


At KMG we pride ourselves on our sophisticated vibratory conveyor design.  We take great care with the design of our EMC2 vibrating conveyors.

EMC2 vibratory conveyors are electromagnetic conveyors that run at a constant amplitude. The controller sends power pulses to each magnet every 40ms (25Hz) and the natural frequency of the machine is set to the drive frequency. The magnet pulls back the puller block at natural frequency, the leaf springs are then released causing the machine to move forwards.  By running at natural frequency, KMG vibratory conveyors use ultra-low power, usually running at under 100W. Some of you will be aware that when a machine starts to vibrate then it can often shake itself apart. Our vibratory conveyors are designed for a long life.

Because the leaf springs are set at 15o from vertical, the pulse contains an element of upward movement as well as horizontal.  This gently lifts the conveyed product by a fraction of a mm as well as gently pushing it forwards.

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Special Characteristics

In order to design the correct vibratory conveyor for your application we need to take into account the base product density and throughput. An important aspect of vibratory conveyor design is the presence of any special characteristics – is it dusty, sticky, brittle, friable or dense?  We also consider the environment in which the vibratory conveyor will be used – is it washdown, ATEX or merely ambient.

Special Features

At KMG we can design our EMC2 to incorporate special features.  These could include screens which would be used to screen out fines or smaller particles.  We can also include a range of gates.  If you had a requirement to release some base produce along the length of the conveyor then we can incorporate an ‘in-trough gate’.   Alternatively, you might need to be able to hold back product on the conveyor, for example if a downstream process needs more time, then we can incorporate end gates into our vibratory conveyor design.

The 4 Pillars of the KMG Strategy

When we are considering vibratory conveyor design, we always need to take into account the following:


Because we are supplying equipment for the food industry its critical that we design for hygiene.  Our vibratory conveyors food contact surfaces are made from 304 stainless.  We design to be easy to clean with no tight corners, or dust traps.  Everything is easy to access with appropriate falls for easy drainage.


We design our equipment to last for decades.  We think about maintenance and how to make is as easy as possible for you to maintain your own equipment.  We make sure that there is adequate access so that maintenance tasks can be carried out easily and quickly. 


We consider all aspects of safety – operator safety, maintenance safety and public safety.  This means designing our equipment so that it operates safely without the need for excessive guarding.  If something is guarded then will it be cleaned?  Our balanced end gates are a perfect example of our safe design – they are balanced so that they take only the smallest amount of force in order to move them to the other position meaning that they move slowly and gently and giving an operator plenty of time to move their hand clear.  At the same time, because there is no guarding, they are easy to clean which is important for public safety.


When designing our vibratory conveyors of course we take cost into account.  We aim to produce a machine that that will run reliably for decades.  By liaising closely with our in-house manufacturing team, our designers are able to incorporate the most efficient features of our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility.

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