Understanding the Different Types of Vibratory Conveyors for Snack Manufacturing

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vibratory conveyors

Different types of vibratory conveyors are an essential component of the snack manufacturing process, as they offer an efficient and reliable way to move materials along the production line. At KMG, we design and manufacture a wide range of vibratory conveyors to be used in snack manufacturing. We consider our vibratory conveyors to be the building blocks which we use to build our seasoning and distribution systems. Our range includes vibratory conveyors, gated vibratory conveyors, proportioning control vibratory conveyors, and flavour-feed vibratory conveyors.

Vibratory Conveyors

A vibratory conveyor is a type of material handling equipment used in snack manufacturing to move products such as base products or seasoned products along the production line. It consists of a stainless trough which is electromagnetically driven and a controller which automatically adjusts the amplitude to allow for changes in the volume of the conveyed product.  The vibration of the trough moves the base product gently forward in a consistent flow, which allows for high-volume production. Vibratory conveyors are customisable in terms of trough size, shape and vibration frequency, making them suitable for a wide range of materials and production requirements. At KMG we specialise in vibratory conveyors for food processing including snack foods, cereals, pet food, confectionery, tea, coffee, nuts, seeds, and fresh and frozen produce.

Gated Vibratory Conveyors

Gated vibratory conveyors feature a gate mechanism that allows the base product to be held back in a controlled manner. This makes them ideal for controlled feed to a multi-head weigher bagmaker or on-machine seasoning system.  Gated vibratory conveyors are commonly used in snack manufacturing distribution systems to feed weigher-bagmakers and machine seasoning systems. The KMG gated vibratory conveyors use a balanced, pneumatically actuated gate. These gates are dynamically balanced meaning that only the smallest amount of pressure is needed to turn them and this eliminates the need for guarding. By removing guarding, we make your production line easier to clean and more hygienic. Our unique control software aims to achieve product-on-produce discharge in order to maximise gentle product handling.

Proportioning Control Vibratory Conveyors

Proportioning control vibratory conveyors are designed to proportion and control the flow of base product along the production line, usually from process to seasoning/packing.  They enable the control of feed to multiple seasoning or packing lines. They are ideal for in-kitchen applications where the base product is proportioned in response to demand from each seasoning loop. These vibratory conveyors will deliver any proportioning split required from 0-100% and our expert automation team will assess your requirements to develop the optimal controls software. This is an extremely versatile conveyor which can be integrated into any production line where you require a split feed.

Flavour Feed Vibratory Conveyors

Flavour-feed vibratory conveyors, also known as scarf edge feeders, are designed to convey seasoning or salt into a seasoning drum where they deliver seasoning in a consistent powder curtain onto the tumbling base product.  KMG flavour feed vibratory conveyors can deliver up to 300 litres/hr of seasoning at the required feed rate and amplitude.  Flavour-feed vibratory conveyors are ideal for applications where a uniform coating of flavour or seasoning is required.

Different types of vibratory conveyors are an essential component of snack manufacturing. However, not all vibratory conveyors are the same. Each type of vibratory conveyor is designed to meet specific needs in the snack manufacturing process. By understanding the different types of vibratory conveyors used in snack manufacturing, businesses can choose the right equipment for their specific needs, ensuring efficient and accurate snack production. At KMG we pride ourselves on designing and manufacturing the most reliable, hygienic, robust vibratory conveyors on the market. Our controllers have an optimised power profile which ensures the gentlest possible forward motion while conveying up to 3 tonnes of product per hour.

vibratory conveyors

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