Enhancing Pet Food Flavour with KMG Seasoning Systems

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Conveying and Seasoning systems for dry petfood

At KMG, we design and manufacture a range of seasoning systems that can be used in the dry pet food industry. In this article, we look into how our systems can be used in the pet food production process, and how they can improve accuracy and precision in pet food seasoning.

Precise Measurement with KMG FlowWeigher

Pet food seasoning requires accuracy and precision. The KMG FlowWeigher is a special type of vibratory conveyor, designed to provide accurate ingredient measurement. It incorporates a load cell directly beneath its tray, allowing for real-time, highly accurate measurement of seasoning and palatant flow rates. By focusing on delivering precise amounts of seasoning, the KMG FlowWeigher ensures that each batch of pet food meets high standards of flavour consistency and quality.

Optimal Liquid Application with the KMG Liquid Spray Unit (LSU)

Our KMG Liquid Spray Unit (LSU) is designed to distribute liquids evenly over food products, including pet food. The LSU operates without compressed air, avoiding the production of hazardous oil mists. Instead, it uses a pressurised system that modulates oil at the nozzle, creating a controlled, fan-shaped spray. This method guarantees a consistent spray pattern and droplet size, allowing for the uniform application of seasoning on the product.

Uniform Seasoning with the KMG Flavour Drum

The KMG Flavour Drum is designed to deliver quality and consistency through precise application of palatants. Available in diameters ranging from 750mm to 2,000mm, our flavour drums are versatile enough to meet different production needs. The seasoning drums are available in two types – individual drums for both wet and dry applications, or a single combined drum for both. This choice allows snack food and pet food manufacturers to select the most suitable option for their unique processes.

Efficient Conveying Systems

After the application of seasoning, the pet food needs to be transported to packaging stations without losing its quality. KMG designs and manufactures a range of conveying systems that are designed to move product efficiently through the production line. Our vibratory conveyors are an integral part of the production process, designed to handle pet food with care and precision.

Why Choose KMG for Petfood Seasoning?

At KMG, we understand the importance of delivering pet food that meets the highest standards of quality and consistency. Our range of seasoning systems provides precision and accuracy, ensuring that pet food manufacturers can achieve consistent and uniform seasoning coverage for their pet food products.

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