Exploring Snack Food Accumulation Systems

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Snack Food Accumulation

Snack Food Accumulation systems temporarily store product, or keep it moving in a managed flow, between different processing areas during the snack manufacturing process.

A Snack Food Accumulation system would need to be used if there is a delay in the downstream process of your production line, meaning that you need to temporarily store the product that your upstream process is producing.

Snack Accumulation systems can be used in both small and large factories, and they can be customised to fit any specific requirements.

KMG Snack Food Accumulation Systems

At KMG we have three ways of providing snack accumulation/storage during the production process. As the leading manufacturer of food conveying systems and vibratory conveyors, you can rely on our experience

1) Storveyor. This a dynamic storage unit that is placed between two production processes to accept and discharge product simultaneously at different rates. This can mitigate stoppages or surges in either process. So, if product is coming in faster than it’s leaving, it provides a buffer area.

The process is highly automated, with sensors at high and low level, so that the belt speed can go up or down, in order to accommodate the optimal amount of product.

At KMG, we offer a belt-operated Storveyor, up to 100 metres-cubed, or a mini-store, which can store up to 2 metres-cubed. The stainless-steel hopper is specially shaped to minimise product compaction and can be constructed with integral hoods and covers to contain dust, heat etc or prevent contamination from outside. These are particularly well suited to work along side breakfast cereal conveyors and breakfast cereal packing systems. Mini-stores are a popular component in multi pack handling systems.

2) KMG AutoGlide. The KMG AutoGlide, or horizontal motion conveyor, oscillates in a horizontal plane and is considered a very gentle way of conveying product. The drop height of the product transfer is minimal to prevent product damage. KMG’s automation software will adjust the conveyor speed in order to speed up or slow down the process as required which will provide the necessary storage. These snack food conveyors are designed and manufactured by KMG.

3) In-Line Storage. This would involve designing the entire distribution system in order to have extra storage capacity. This would be used if you know that you will only need short-term storage (e.g. for 20 min period). We would size our machines to store ‘in-line’ for a portion of the process of the product. This allows products to be stored and transported at the same time.

What to Consider When Selecting Snack Food Storage Systems

There are a few things you’ll want to keep in mind when selecting a Snack Food storage system for your business. First, you’ll need to consider the types of snacks you’re manufacturing. Different types of snacks will require different types of storage systems.  All KMG equipment is designed with careful product handling in mind; some machines are particularly suited for products with different characteristics. As a leading manufacturer of conveying systems, KMG Systems will work with you to optimise your process. Snack food storage systems are often a useful component of snackfood blending systems.

You’ll also need to consider the capacity of the system. How much storage will you need and how long would you need it for? KMG Systems would assist you to integrate a snack accumulation system with a snack food distribution system.

Finally, you’ll need to think about ease of use. Can your employees operate the system easily? Is it user-friendly? Choosing a system that’s easy to use will help increase efficiency in your snack manufacturing business.  At KMG we work with you to develop the appropriate level of automation to suit your business.


In short, a Snack food storage system can offer many benefits to snack manufacturers. It can help to increase the efficiency of your manufacturing process, reduce waste, and improve the quality of the snacks that are produced. If you’re looking for a way to improve your snack food manufacturing operation, a snack accumulation system is a good option to consider. You might also want to think about snack food elevators and snack food conveyors and KMG offer a full design and manufacturing service.

At KMG, we combine innovation with specialist knowledge to ensure that we provide the cleanest, safest, and most reliable snack food processing and packaging technology. We work closely with our customers to design and manufacture bespoke solutions to suit their specific manufacturing requirements. Our machines are world-renowned for their excellent performance and low energy usage. KMG Systems is the leading manufacturer of conveying systems for the food industry.

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