Optimising Snack Production: KMG’s Seasoning Systems

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In the snack manufacturing industry, consistently achieving the ideal taste is of paramount importance. KMG Systems stands at the forefront of this field, offering advanced seasoning systems that cater to the diverse needs of the industry while ensuring reliable, robust and consistent seasoning application. This article looks into some of the components of KMG’s seasoning systems, highlighting how they enhance product quality through meticulous design and state-of-the-art technology.

KMG Flavour Drum

Designed with critical parameters such as throughput, bulk density, and product handling in mind, the KMG Flavour Drum ensures that each product is seasoned with exacting standards. Whether positioned at ground level for kitchen seasoning or at the mezzanine for machine seasoning, KMG Flavour Drums gently tumble base product, allowing for uniform and consistent flavour application.

KMG Liquid Spray Unit (LSU)

The KMG Liquid Spray Unit (LSU) is a revolutionary component in seasoning application, notable for its operation without compressed air, eliminating the risk of oil mist. Configurable with up to six nozzles, the LSU offers exceptionally high accuracy. The LAS/LSU gives you the option to additionally dose seasoned oil additions according to your recipe

The KMG liquid spray unit is designed to be used in conjunction with the patented KMG FlowWeigher. The FlowWeigher is a special type of vibratory conveyor which enables accurate inline process weighing to ensure that exactly the right amount of liquid and seasoning is applied to the base product.

KMG FlowWeigher™

The KMG FlowWeigher™ represents a leap in vibratory flow rate measuring systems. Its unique design, with a load cell directly beneath the vibratory tray, allows for real-time and highly accurate flow rate measurements. This system is crucial for maintaining product quality and optimising manufacturing processes, offering operators an intuitive interface for managing flow rates and ensuring precise seasoning application.

The KMG Advantage: Precision, Reliability, and Innovation

KMG Systems’ seasoning solutions exemplify our company’s dedication to innovation, reliability, and precision in food processing. With a deep understanding of the food processing industry’s needs, KMG continues to innovate, setting new standards in product seasoning. Whether you’re looking to enhance the flavour of snacks or ensure uniform seasoning application, KMG’s seasoning systems offer the reliability, precision, and customisation needed to elevate your products.

KMG Systems elevates snack production by offering advanced seasoning solutions that ensure unparalleled taste and consistency. Their commitment to innovation, precision, and reliability in seasoning technology sets new industry standards, making them a trusted partner for manufacturers aiming to enhance product quality.

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