Introducing the KMG Powder Dosing Unit

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KMG Powder Dosing Unit

Powder Dosing Units are used in snack food production facilities to accurately measure seasoning for base product. The base product would typically be potato chips, tortilla chips, popped, baked or extruded snacks, popcorn or petfood. Powder Dosing Units can be used directly in a seasoning system or in conjunction with an oil spray, such as the KMG Liquid Spray Unit, to provide an oil and dry seasoning system. As the global leader in the design and manufacture of seasoning equipment for the snacks, cereal and petfood industries, it was about time we produced our own Powder Dosing Unit. We are very excited to announce that KMG PDU is the latest development from our talented and dedicated team of engineers. We’ve been developing our PDU for the last 2 years and we are delighted with its concept, design and build.

Powder Dosing Accuracy

The KMG Powder Dosing Unit is designed to delivery seasoning powders at a constant rate. We know that accuracy is important, both to meet consumer expectations and to make the best use of expensive seasonings. The KMG PDU works seamlessly with the KMG LIW system and FlowWeigher, delivering seasoning to very tight tolerances. As base product passes over the FlowWeigher, a 4-20mA signal is sent to the PDU inverter, which adjusts the auger speed. The LIW compensates for variations in hopper fill level or variations in seasoning bulk density by switching between gravimetric and volumetric dosing mode. We write all our control software including automation software and operator interfaces in house and will develop a bespoke control system which works perfectly for you, your production facility and your operators.

Powder Dosing Hygiene

The KMG Powder Dosing Unit is designed to be easy to clean and leakproof. As you would expect from our years of experience in the snacks, cereals and petfood industries, hygiene is one of the 4 pillars of the KMG design strategy. The KMG PDU has no front plate and therefore no front plate gasket which means the seasoning powder has no illicit escape route. All the seasoning is moved via the auger action along the dosing tube for delivery onto your base product. With a labyrinth seal on the auger, you can be certain that there will be no powder migration. In conceptualising our PDU, we’ve entirely done away with old fashioned rope seals which wear and leak. We know that seasoning is expensive and that you expect all the seasoning to be delivered onto the base product.

Powder Dosing Quick Change

The KMG Powder Dosing Unit is designed for quick flavour changes. The unit can be dismantled in 60 seconds by simply unclipping the the ultra light hopper and lifting it away. The baseplate is clean and open, designed for easy washdown. Assembling the unit takes less than 2 minutes. We recommend that you buy two hoppers enabling you to have a clean hopper ready for flavour change. Weighing only 6kg, the hopper is light enough for any operator to carry away for cleaning. We know that you want to keep your production line going and minimise stoppages – with the KMG PDU you can achieve an ultra-fast seasoning changeover.

Powder Dosing Unit Integration

We integrate our Powder Dosing Unit into our seasoning systems which are designed around our unique vibratory conveyors to meet your individual needs. Our seasoning systems typically comprise a FlowWeigher, Seasoning drum, Loss in Weight (LIW), Powder Dosing Unit and a scarfed edge feeder. With our decades of experience, you can be confident that the system that we will design for you will deliver cleanly and accurately deliver seasoning onto your base product giving your excellent saleable product.

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