The Benefits of an Oil Spray System in Snack Manufacturing

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When it comes to the best way to season snacks, there are a lot of different opinions.

When it comes to oil spray seasoning, there are a few key benefits that an oil spray system has over other methods. Firstly, it’s a much more efficient way to apply seasoning. An oil spray system with flavour additions can cover a lot more surface area, which means that your snacks will be evenly coated and taste great every time. Its an integral part of an extruded snack seasoning system or popped chip seasoning system.

Second, an oil spray system is a more cost-effective way to season your snacks. Not only is it more consistent, but you also use less seasoning in the coating drum, which means your snacks will taste even better.

Finally, oil spray systems are essential when manufacturing healthy  snacks. The coating process is finely controlled compared to using other methods, ensuring an even coating of seasoning and better for you snacks. This makes it ideal for use in a baked snack seasoning system.

What Is Oil Spray Seasoning?

Combining oil and liquid seasoning additives is the process of accurately blending  flavoured oils which are often relatively costly into the stream of base oil. Oils may typically be sunflower, palm or corn oils. This enhances the flavour,appearance and mouth feel of the snacks. The oil blend is applied using a spray system that coats the snacks by gently tumbling them in a coating drum.

There are many benefits to using an oil seasoning system in your snack manufacturing operation. The most obvious is the improved flavour profile of your snacks. But there are other benefits as well.

The Benefits of an Oil Spray System

When it comes to your snack manufacturing business, using an oil spray system can offer many benefits. Its ideal for use in many snack food seasoning systems.

The oil spray system provides a more even coating of the seasonings, which leads to better flavour distribution and a more consistent product. Also, oil spray systems helps prevent flavour drop off in the bag, ensuring that your snacks taste great every time.

An oil spray system adds variety to your product portfolio by combining oil and dry seasoning in either in kitchen seasoning systems or on machine systems.

How Does an Oil Spray System Work?

An oil spray system is a piece of machinery that uses high pressure to spray a fine mist of oil onto food. This system is used in many different industries, including in the snack manufacturing industry.

If using liquid additions the oil spray system works by combining the oil and the additive into one stream. The stream is then forced through a small orifice under pressure creating a fan pattern of small droplets. These droplets are then sprayed out of the machine and onto the food.

The oil spray system is a very efficient way to apply oil to food. The system is easily controllable to vary the amount of oil applied. It can also be used to apply different types of oils, such as vegetable oil, olive oil, or sunflower oil.

How Does an Oil Spray System Benefit Snack Manufacturers?

An oil spray system offers many benefits for snack manufacturers. For one, it can help reduce oil usage and waste. With traditional methods of seasoning, oil can be applied too liberally, resulting in excess oil that coats equipment and not the product .

An oil spray system is much more precise, meaning that only the desired amount of oil is used, nothing more, nothing less. This not only helps to reduce waste, but it can also lower your costs.

Another benefit of an oil spray system is that it can help to improve the quality of your snacks. Seasoning with an oil spray system is a more consistent process, which leads to a more consistent product. KMG will integrate our oil spray system to supply the perfect tortilla chip seasoning system. Vibratory conveyors are the building blocks of our seasoning systems.

Overall, an oil spray system offers many benefits for snack manufacturers. If you’re looking for a way to improve your process and create a better product, an oil spray system is definitely worth considering.


If you’re a snack manufacturer, oil spray seasoning is a great way to improve your products. An oil spray system is the best way to apply oil seasoning. With an oil spray system, you can evenly coat your snacks with a thin layer of oil in a tightly controlled manner saving you money and enhancing your product, whether its popped chips, extruded snacks, tortilla chips, popcorn or baked chips.

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