The Benefits of KMG On-Machine Seasoning Systems

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on machine seasoning system

KMG Systems are a leading innovator in the field of food processing and seasoning. With a commitment to excellence and a passion for culinary creativity, we have developed cutting-edge on-machine seasoning systems that are transforming the way food manufacturers enhance the flavours of their products. In this blog, we will take a look at the benefits that our on-machine seasoning systems can offer to snack manufacturers.

Unleashing the Power of On-Machine Seasoning Systems

Traditionally, seasoning has been a time-consuming process. However, with KMG’s on-machine seasoning technology, the landscape of food production has changed dramatically.

On-machine seasoning systems are automated systems designed to apply seasoning or coating evenly onto various food products as they are processed on a production line. These systems are commonly used in the food processing industry to improve the taste, texture, and appearance of food products while also increasing the efficiency and consistency of the production process.

Precision and Consistency

At KMG, we understand the importance of precision and consistency when it comes to seasoning food products. Our on-machine seasoning systems are designed to deliver accurate and uniform seasoning application. This is a critical factor for ensuring that every piece of food product has the desired flavour and texture, and also helps to minimise waste by ensuring that there is no over- or under-seasoning.


On-machine seasoning systems are typically designed to work with a wide range of food products, including snacks, breakfast foods, baked goods, meats, and more. This versatility makes them an ideal solution for many different types of food processing facilities, regardless of the type of products they produce.

Enhancing Efficiency and Reducing Waste

In the fast-paced world of food production, efficiency is paramount. KMG on-machine seasoning technology streamlines the seasoning process, improving efficiency and minimising product waste. By integrating seasoning directly into the production line, manufacturers can eliminate the need for separate seasoning rooms or additional processing steps, optimising productivity and resource utilisation.

Maintaining Quality and Food Safety:

At KMG, we prioritise food safety and quality above all else. Our on-machine seasoning systems are designed with strict adherence to industry regulations and standards. From sanitary design principles to easy cleanability, our technology ensures that food products are seasoned in a safe and hygienic manner, minimising the risk of contamination and preserving the integrity of the final product.

On-machine seasoning systems are a powerful solution for improving the efficiency, consistency, and quality of food production. They offer a range of benefits to snack manufacturers and can help to improve the quality of your product.

At KMG Systems, we offer a range of on-machine seasoning systems that are designed to meet the unique needs of our customers. Our systems are engineered to be highly efficient and consistent and are built using the highest quality materials and components to ensure long-lasting performance.

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