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Seasoning Systems

We are delighted to be exhibiting our Seasoning Systems at two high profile tradeshows where we look forward to seeing our friends in the snacks manufacturing and processing industry.

We will be attending SnaxPo 2023 in Florida, the premier full equipment sourcing expo boasting state-of-the-art processing, innovative packaging solutions and ingredients, seasonings and flavors. Be sure to visit us on stand 627 where you can meet the team and learn about our snack food seasoning systems and our established potential for NPD support.

We will also be back at Interpack 2023 in May.

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At the prestigious Interpack trade show in Düsseldorf we will be exhibiting our well-designed, high-quality equipment.  As a manufacturer of conveying and seasoning systems you would expect us to be exhibiting our latest innovations.  Whether you are in the market for popped chip seasoning systems or a snack food distribution system, we are here to support you.   Particular highlights this year include:

Integrated seasoning system

Visitors will also be able to explore the benefits of KMG’s On Machine Seasoning systems.   Our hygienically designed system is designed to deliver oil and dry seasonings accurately and evenly.  Let’s have a look at the main elements:

Our innovative FlowWeigher has a load cell fitted directly below the vibratory tray carrying the product which allows for accurate and instantaneous flow rate measurement.  Of course we’ve designed it for gentle product handling, easy calibration and speedy cleaning.  The 4-20mA output ensures that the downstream equipment (i.e. oil spray and powder dispenser) is driven in proportion.

Our stainless steel fully welded drum is easy to clean, hygienically manufactured and designed for easy maintenance.  We also offer the flexibility of a two-drum system which allows the oil drum to remain in place for flavour changes while only the smaller seasoning drum is washed down. 

Our airless liquid spray unit offers a consistent spray pattern and wide turn down ratio which ensures that your product is evenly coated with accuracy better than +/- 1% closed loop.  This consistent spray pattern and accurate delivery is critical for today’s better-for-you snack products.  Overall, an oil spray system offers many benefits for snack manufacturers. If you’re looking for a way to improve your process and create a better product, an oil spray system is definitely worth considering.  It is the perfect equipment for manufacturers of popped chips, baked snacks, extruded product and tortilla chips. 

Our powder dosing unit (PDU) is innovatively designed to optimise quick changeovers and reduce leakage.  With no front plate and a lightweight removable body, the KMG PDU can be stripped down in a lightning fast 80 seconds.  Our leak free design has no shaft seals and uses a patented screw flight and labyrinth seals to prevent powder migration.  The KMG Powder Dosing Unit has the potential to transform lines and save valuable time and costs.  We know that this has never been more important to today’s snack food producers, particularly given the rising costs of seasonings.

The KMG vacuum lift system (VLS) is designed to top up the KMG PDU from a bulk hopper or filling station.  We know that boxes of seasoning can be heavy and that snack food manufacturers want to be able to refill at ground level.  The VLS is safe, silent and hygienic with the quick-change parts that you would expect and is driven by the KMG loss in weight.

The KMG integrated seasoning systems are ideal for manufacturers of all types of snacks including potato chips,  popped chips, baked snacks, extruded product and tortilla chips.  You can be sure that it will be perfect for you because we design every system around our vibratory conveyors to fit your unique requirements.

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