Healthy Snack Food Seasoning Systems

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snack food seasoning systems

Better for you

KMG Snack food seasoning systems have never been more relevant. Demand for pulses and legume based snacks is increasing due to their strong better-for-you credentials.  Pulses and legumes are mostly perceived as high in protein and fibre allowing consumers to indulge in a snack which is both healthy and fun.  They also link in to the plant-based trend; being vegan and a sustainable choice, particularly for younger consumers.  Consumers with high disposable income no longer think that pulses and legumes are boring: instead they are healthy, sustainable, ‘free from’, ‘better for you’ and trendy. 

Snack food manufacturers are increasingly looking at innovative base products for their snacks and pulses fit the bill.  Another driver in pulse and legume popularity is regulatory moves in both the UK and EU.  Raw materials such as chickpeas, split peas and lentil score highly on the Nutri-Score system while still producing snacks that deliver everything that a consumer would want in a crispy snack, including taste and mouthfeel.  Whether you are producing fried, extruded or popped chips, you must be asking, who is KMG and what you do for me?  KMG is the leading manufacturer of snack food conveying and snack food seasoning systems.

KMG Snack Food Seasoning Systems

What can KMG’s innovative integrated popped chip seasoning system deliver?  Our high-performance, cost-effective snack food seasoning systems focus on accuracy, consistency and reliability. Whether it’s applying oils, powders, slurry mixtures or particulates, the KMG problem-solving approach has created products that can benefit pellet snacks manufacturers worldwide.

Our extruded snack food seasoning systems comprise the patented KMG FlowWeigherTM, liquid spray unit, patented Powder Dosing Unit, Loss in Weight, and seasoning drum.  This combination gives you unrivalled control over oil and seasoning application rates and finished product taste, quality and mouthfeel.

KMG has the versatility and experience to offer either an On Machine Seasoning system (OMS) or an In-Kitchen seasoning system (IKS) depending on your unique requirements; both of these snack food seasoning systems are designed and manufactured to the highest standard.  New Product Development?  We offer world class test facilities with both oil spray and dry seasoning capability.  Come to KMG!  Bring your pulse or legume based snack to us for snack food seasoning systems trials.

Safe, Gentle, low energy Conveying

KMG leads the market with our snack food distribution systems.  The KMG snack food conveyors are designed to be ultra-low energy, low-maintenance, clean, and most importantly, offer gentle product handling.  Let’s explore some of these features:  KMG vibratory conveyors use a unique EMC2 drive uses less power than a traditional lightbulb while being capable of moving more than 3 tonnes per hour of product.  KMG’s IP67 rated electro-magnetic magnets are fully welded using the latest laser welding technology which ensures maximum power and the longest possible lifetime; even in hostile washdown environments.  KMG food conveying systems are the most energy efficient in the market. 

The bespoke KMG Controller uses the lowest possible power while continually monitoring machine performance and tuning.  It will automatically report when the machine starts to draw more power indicating that preventative maintenance is due ensuring that our vibratory conveyors are the best on the market.  These features mean that as a manufacturer of a pulse or legume based snack, by using our vibratory conveyor systems, you can be confident that your manufacturing process is as cost effective as possible.

Our expert engineers will select the appropriate food contact surface because we know this is essential for sanitation and hygiene and our vibratory conveyors are most commonly made from 304 stainless steel.   Any plastic will be FDA and EU compliant polymer.  Our equipment is designed to be easy to access and clean.  Food safety is one of the four pillars of the KMG design strategy.

We have optimized the power profile of our drivers to provide the gentlest possible forward movement, while our expert designs mean that product drop heights are minimised. 

Using KMG’s snack food seasoning systems and snack food distribution systems will dramatically increase production efficiency for your extruded, popped, baked or fried legume or pulse based snack food. 

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