KMG 50th Anniversary 6-a-side football tournament

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KMG 50th Anniversary

As part of the ongoing KMG 50th Anniversary celebrations we held a 6-a-side football tournament on Tuesday early evening. We had 8 teams of 6, with some very imaginative names! We played the tournament at the Gamlingay Leisure and MUGA. Always a privilege to support the village amenities.

The KMG 50th Anniversary tournament: Teams

  • EMC Milan
  • Super-6
  • The Team
  • The Wolves
  • Mike’s rejects
  • Expected Toulouse
  • Moving Goalposts
  • KMG United

Inevitably, work and personal commitments meant that some teams underwent last minute changes with other team members generously and open-heartedly swapping in to allow the KMG 50th Anniversary tournament to continue. We played 2 mini leagues – Group A and Group B with the winners and runners up playing each other for a place in the final.

The KMG 50th Anniversary tournament: Match reports

Match 1: Super 6 v The Team

The Team’s star scorer took complete control of the ball in the first seconds of the match and immediately scored, taking the Super 6 defence and goalie by surprise. Super 6 found some weaknesses in The Teams defence and scored two goals taking the final score to 2-1.

Match 2: Expected Toulouse vs Moving Goalposts

The first game of the tournament started off strong for ET.  A decisive 1:0 victory with J scoring an unbelievable left footed goal. The opposition were tough, with Paul providing the muscle and CC subbing on late in the fixture. ET showed great potential for the later games.

Match 3: EMC Milan v The Wolves

A sold defence prevented the Wolves from scoring but despite some good chances, EMC Milan couldn’t finish. Result: 0-0

Match 4: Mikes Rejects v KMG United

There were some exciting tackles in this match, with Mike’s Rejects being more than happy to get stuck in and tackle their management team. Keeper Gav saved several strong attempts at the KMG United goal, however Jake and Carl set up a superb goal for Mikes Rejects, swiftly followed by some nimble footwork by Carl and a 2-0 result for Mikes Rejects.

Match 5: Super 6 v AC Milan

Another spirited defence kept the tournament favourites, Super 6, at bay until the final 7 minutes of the 7 minute match. Yep, they scored straight away. Final score 1 – 0

Match 6: Expected Toulouse vs Mikes Rejects

The big match of the group stage. ET vs the favourites. ET surprisingly gained an early advantage against Mikes Rejects with another goal from Joh from outside the box. A controversial decision from Elks awarded a penalty to Mikes Rejects as SJ had infringed on the penalty area. The Goalie managed to get a hand to it, but Mike’s Rejects key striker managed to bring his team to level pegging. Final score 1 – 1

Match 7: The Team v The Wolves

The Team found themselves flying from the off, 2 tidy finishes gave a deserved early 2-0 lead. The Wolves had been caught napping but awoke to try to drag themselves back into the game. 2 spectacular efforts were inches from perfection and found themselves cannoning off the woodwork. The Wolves found their hard work rewarded with a sucker punch, 3-0, another calm finish. The Wolves had their consolation, a rocket shot finding the bottom corner. 3-1, game on? Unfortunately, it was a case of too little too late, as The Wolves pushed for parity a counterattack broke and a lovely solo effort was completed with exquisite rounding of the keeper and finish, 4-1.  

Match 8: Moving Goalposts v KMG United

Kalem scored both goals for KMG United, one from his left foot and the other was on the right but it took an almighty deflection.

Match 9: Super 6 v The Wolves

Super 6 were absolutely relentless in this match, finding the goal over and over again. The Wolves defence just melted away. Maybe not very wolfish at all.

Match 10: Expected Toulouse vs KMG United

Another decisive 1:1 draw for ET, securing enough points to progress the team to the semi finals. An excellent penalty save from Brad kept ET in the game. Jamie also contributed to the scoreline with a superb solo goal.

Match 11: EMC Milan v The Team

The Team found the gap in EMC Milan’s defence and scored three times before they could close it. This was a tight affair; EMC Milan could claim to have seen the better of the ball, but no chances were falling to either side. It was going to take a bit of magic to break the deadlock, and that’s what The Team found. A solo drive to find the corner and find the lead, 1-0. The game opened; shots started flying. 2 consecutive shots found their way over the goal, over the fence and into the field. All sense of nervousness between the sides had been lost. Another counterattack from the team; seemingly their specialty of the tournament led to a fine finish and a 2-goal advantage. The Team had their lead and seemed to be cruising to a semi-final place. That was until a lapse in concentration and a slight overstep into the area or brutal challenge meant penalty to EMC Milan. This was a chance to set up a frantic final few minute, a chance that was taken emphatically, 2-1. However, The Team rallied and weathered the storm, their reward? 3 points and the semi-final spot to boot.

Match 12: Mikes Rejects v Moving Goalposts

Alas Moving Goalposts failed to win this match despite a spirited performance by everyone. Their captain later commented “while winning is everything, we can stand tall and say that we were victorious in our efforts”. 3-1

Semi Final 1: ET vs Super 6

The underdogs vs the eventual winners. ET came into this game with a set strategy, try our best and have fun. Super 6 had other plans. Onlookers described this match as physical, aggressive and certainly top flight. A 1-0 scoreline accurately reflects the skill level of each team.

Semi Final 2: The Team v Mike’s Rejects

A very close match with a 0-0 score at full time and even after an extra 3 mins of extra time. This was the only match which went thrillingly to penalties!

Final: Super 6 v Mike’s Rejects

Inevitably experience and wisdom prevailed over youth and enthusiasm and Super-6 won 2:1

The KMG 50th Anniversary tournament: Action Shots

It was a great evening and as a result, we’ll be playing fortnightly and arranging another tournament for next spring. The KMG 50th Anniversary celebrations have sparked an entire series of out-of-work social events, either fully funded or subsidised by KMG. What a result!

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