KMG On-Machine Seasoning Systems

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on-machine seasoning systems

At KMG, we have developed on-machine seasoning systems that are transforming the way food manufacturers enhance the flavours of their products. In this blog post, we will take a look at some of the elements of our on-machine seasoning systems and showcase how our technology is revolutionising the snack manufacturing industry.

On-machine seasoning systems are automated systems designed to apply seasoning or coating evenly onto various food products on a production line, immediately above the weigher bagmaker.  This enables manufacturers to produce several short runs of different seasonings simultaneously.  These systems are commonly used in the food processing industry to improve the taste, texture, and appearance of food products while also increasing the efficiency and consistency of the production process.

By integrating KMG’s on-machine seasoning systems, food manufacturers can streamline their operations, improve efficiency, and achieve exceptional seasoning outcomes.

KMG Flow-Weigher

To achieve precise and consistent seasoning ratios, the KMG Flow-Weigher plays a vital role. This advanced vibratory conveyor ensures accurate measurement and dispensing of various seasoning ingredients, guaranteeing the perfect blend every time. Equipped with user-friendly controls and high-speed processing capabilities, the KMG Flow-Weigher allows manufacturers to meet production demands efficiently while maintaining consistency in flavour profiles.

Powder Dosing Unit

For manufacturers working with powdered seasonings, the Powder Dosing Unit by KMG Systems offers unmatched accuracy and efficiency. By precisely controlling the powder flow, this machine ensures consistent coverage and avoids clumping or uneven distribution. With the ability to handle a wide range of powder densities, the Powder Dosing Unit guarantees uniform seasoning dispersion, resulting in an exceptional end product.

Flavour Feed Vibratory Conveyor

The KMG Flavour Feed Vibratory Conveyor is designed to transport seasoning ingredients efficiently and reliably. By maintaining a consistent flow rate, this machine prevents clogging and ensures seamless integration with other components of the seasoning system. Its gentle handling minimises product damage, preserving the integrity and quality of the seasonings throughout the production process.

Flavour Drum

To achieve a homogenous blend and allow seasonings to adhere perfectly to the product, the KMG Flavour Drum is an indispensable machine. With its precisely controlled tumbling action, this drum ensures thorough and even coating of the seasoning on the product surface. The drum’s adjustable speed, duration settings and unique flight profile provide flexibility to meet specific seasoning requirements, resulting in a superior taste experience for consumers.

These are just some of our wide range of on-machine seasoning systems. KMG on-machine seasoning systems offer a comprehensive and reliable solution for achieving consistent and high-quality seasoning applications. With our systems, food manufacturers can elevate their production capabilities, minimise product waste, and achieve high-quality seasoning of their product.

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