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Conveying Systems

Present in over 100 countries KMG is a major supplier of specialised conveying systems to multi-national and local food manufacturers . Our customers rely on KMG systems to safely transport their products from process to packaging using machines that are renowned for their excellent performance, durability and low energy usage – providing good value for money and superb reliability.


KMG engineer and manufacture a variety of conveying systems dependent on the type of product, its condition and its production throughput. Our portfolio consists of electromagnetic conveyors, mechanically driven out of balance designs , horizontal motion conveyors, belt conveyors and elevators.


  • Hygenic and sanitary designs
  • Fully automated systems; software and hardware controls by KMG
  • Gentle Product Handling with substantial conveying capacity
  • Lowest energy usage vibratory conveyor on the market
  • Well established largest manufacturer of conveyors in Europe

KMG manufacture a range of equipment detailed in the following pages for conveying both food and nonfood materials.

Typically, we use vibratory conveyors, flat belt conveyors, flighted belt elevators, modular belts, roller tracks or air conveyors.

The method chosen will be appropriate to the fragility, hygiene, and environment of the process. Also dictating the method are any changes in elevation, direction.

Product can also be distributed to multiple places, sieved, merged or mixed.

Most food materials that can be conveyed on KMG equipment fall into the following categories

  • Raw materials, for example potatoes, grains and nuts
  • Ingredients, for example pasta, beans and spices.
  • Uncooked product, salad leaves, pellets and dried fruit.
  • Cooked product, for example, IQF vegetables, nuts and cereals
  • Seasoned product, for example, potato chips, tortilla chips
  • Packaged products, for example, packets of snacks and cardboard cartons.

A complete system may employ one or all the methods above. Critical to the safety and efficiency of the system are the transitions between similar or different machines. Good transitions contain and handle the product gently.

Selecting appropriate food contact surface is essential for sanitation and hygiene.

Ranging from 316 or more commonly 304 stainless steel to FDA and EU Compliant polymers. Material selection will optimise the key goals of safety, reliability and value.

KMG combine these features with their industry leading control and automation to create world class manufacturing processes

KMG Flighted Belt Elevator top


The KMG range of elevators consists of Vibratory Spiral, Bucket Elevator, Single Bucket Lift and Tip (BLT) and Flighted Belt type. Each design is available in a range of sizes appropriate to product throughput and bulk density.

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Distrib3 Gated

Distribution Systems

KMG distribution systems are made up of modular groups of vibratory conveyors that safely, gently transport and distribute friable materials to any number of packaging stations. Our conveyors are widely used in the snack food, breakfast cereal, petfood and confectionery sectors.

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CArton Track

End of Line

Working with our partners KMG supplies and integrates end of line packing solutions into modular control panels or separate power panels as part of our distribution system.

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Big Bag/Multi Pack Handling

KMG snack food multi-pack handling systems can produce 2,3,4,5,6 same or multi-mix packs in a multi-pack format. Packets are fed from storage hoppers by either air blowing or belt elevation and fed in a controlled and streamed manner to the weigh head. KMG has designed and built a purpose built product reject system positioned between the weigher and bagmaker for multi-pack reject.

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Air Conveying

Along with mechanical handling systems KMG specialise in the air transport of friable snack food products such as dry pellets and extruded collets. Product is placed into a venturi and carried in ducting in a mass of air pushed by a blower.

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